Kathua firing rocks assembly again, opposition walks out

File Pic by Aakash Hassan

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Kathua incidents involving tensions between two communities rocked the state assembly yet again when Engineer Rashid asked the House where the Muslims of the region would go. This led to the involvement of lawmakers from NC, Congress and other independents eventually preventing the routine business during the fag end of the question hour.

The issue was raised by Engineer Rashid, who was prevented by police from going to the particular village where communal tensions were reported on Mon day. He asked the House that it must suggest the Muslims of the region where they would go.

As the Speaker and members of the Treasury benches tried Engineer to “exhibit respect and go to his seat”, he reacted: “you people have destroyed the last shred of respect that we lawmakers had.”

This infuriated Mian Altaf to come in support of Engineer shouting that you have always suppressed Rashid as he is raising the right issues in the house, This led to the entire opposition uniting and seeking a response. Though minister Abdul Rehman Veeri and Lal Singh tried to intervene they stopped from offering any detail.

“Why is Kathua witnessing such incidents quite often?” Mian Altaf asked. “Last year it was one incident and now it is boiling again.”

Congress lawmaker from Banihal said that the coalition leaders in the area have been telling publicly that they are from RSS and have a right to do what they do. “Only recently, many people from the area were vacated from the lands they have been inhibiting for a long time,” the lawmaker said.

The opposition wanted a response from the government. Though Veeri had a verbal duel with NC leader Ali Mohammad Sagar, he did not offer any detail of the incident. “I will not succumb to your dictatorial ways,” Veeri shouted at Sagar. But he offered no detail of the event. He, however, said that whatever the government had was shared with the house on Monday only.

After sloganeering for some time, the opposition lawmakers walked out of the house. They were shouting slogans: “communal sarkar, hai hai.”


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