KCSDS condemns killing of Police officer, says ‘invisible hands of state can’t be ruled out’


Kashmir Centre for Social and Developmental Studies (KCSDS) Wednesday condemning the killing of ASI police Abdul Rashid has said in a statement that “terribly disturbed by the ongoing relentless killing spree in the valley as it gratifies the carnivorous instinct of the state to spill more and more blood of Kashmiri Muslims whereby it normalises violence as a only tool to deal with people’s just struggle for their rights which has resulted in the brutalization and dehumanization of the entire society.”

In a statement KCSDS has termed that the normalization has become the new normal so much so that “those who challenge the oppressive state, have started imbibing the traits of their oppressors .”

“The merciless killing of ASI Abdul Rashid falls in this category.Our heart goes out to his wailing and crying daughter as it does for those thousands who have fallen to the bullets of the oppressive cannibalistic fascist state,” read the statement.

“As we have reiterated time and again that the oppressed would lose their moral compass and superiority if they descend to the level of their oppressors and besides losing their humanity would make themselves vulnerable to the avoidable criticism of the henchmen and media handmaids of the state,” they added.

With a word of caution, KCSDS said “the oppressed must take utmost care not to lose their humanity and fellow feeling and partake of the strategies and traits of their tormentors despite provocations.”

“After all we are losing our own people in this bloody dance of death and destruction which cannot be justified by any logic whatsoever. At the same time we are not ruling out, invisible hands of the state in all this as it has done before and continues various tactics to carry out genocide of Kashmiris.”


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