Khyber Medical Institute becomes first in Kashmir to perform rare heart surgeries by a Kashmiri professional

Sheikh Saman


Pioneering the privatised heart care in valley, Khyber Medical Institute (KMI) on December 29, Friday, performed rare cardiac surgeries.

First time in Kashmir and that too by a Kashmiri doctor, the feat achieved is seen as a new lease to the ailing heart patients desperate to visit other states of India.

Khyber Hospital Srinagar

Making it possible in Kashmir, Dr. Syed Asrar operated upon forty-seven-year old Abdul Aziz from Handwara and forty-eight-year old Mohammad Amin from Rajouri for Cornonary Artilary Bypass Surgery (CABG) and CABG + ABR, valve replacement surgery.

To make the surgeries successful, the hospital staff of KMI had put intense efforts to make the operation theatre as per the requirements.

Mohammad Amin (KL Image: Sheikh Saman)

An ASCOMS pass out , Dr Asrar having expertise in this subject had trained the staff for this surgery and an enabling environment to facilitate the procedures.

An MS in general surgery from SKIMS Srinagar, Dr Asrar, has been under the guidance of Dr A.G.Ahangar during his MCH programme.

Grappling with the various heart ailments, patients in Kashmir move outside state to get the treatment. Off late, these types of surgeries were performed by non-local doctors who come regularly to valley. This time the surgeries were done without any assistance from outside doctors.

As per the data the scene in Kashmir vis-a-vis heart ailments is worrisome. The number of patients with heart disease, especially heart diseases which lead to heart attacks, unstable angina which is a very common cause of death in young people is increasing exponentionally.

Abdul Aziz (KL Image: Sheikh Saman)

Related to stress and lifestyle, Kashmir has serious heart related issues.

Pertinent to mention, Khyber had started cardiac ward in September, 2013 and conducted various surgeries using the outside expertise.

Eminent cardiac experts of India used to come including Dr Ajaz Koul, Dr Upendra Koul.

It was for the first time a Kashmiri doctor performed the surgery without any assistance from any outside doctor.

“Khyber has achieved a major feat by performing this advanced cardiac surgery in the state for the first time,” said the superintendent of Khyber medical institute, Shahnawaz Amin.



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