Know the Kashmiri kid who asked Roger Federer why he is nicknamed ‘the GOAT’

Zafar Aafaq
Roger Federer fans across the world can’t stop talking about the video in which a kid asks Federer why he was nicknamed ‘the GOAT’.
The video has gone viral and people are curious to know the kid.

Kashmir Life found him and talked to his father.

The adorable kid goes by the name Zizou (after the nickname of legendary French footballer Zinedine Zidane) but his real name is Izyan Ahmad. Zizou is seven year old son of a New Jersey based Kashmiri multimedia professional Farooq Ahmad. Farooq hails from Dangiwacha area of Rafiabad, 50 miles to the north of Srinagar city. Zizou was born in USA in 2010. He turned 7 in June this year.

Izyan Ahmad

Farooq told Kashmir Life that meeting and interacting with his tennis idol Roger Federer meant the world to Zizou. “According to him it was the best day of his life,” Farooq said.
“After the press conference he talked to Federer in the player room also and that made him very happy (including us). He told Federer that they met in 2010 in Cincinnati. OH when Zizou was just 40 days old. We have framed that shirt of Zizou that Federer signed in 2010.” Farooq said.

Zizou dreams of becoming the number one tennis player in the world, Farooq said, he is working hard towards his goal. This June at around his birthday Zizou became eligible to play United States Tennis Association tournaments. “In the last two months he participated in 3 under 10 boys tournaments and won two of them and lost third one in the finals,” Farooq informed. “As parents we are providing him support on and off the tennis court and I am very happy that he is chasing his dream and enjoying doing it.”

Izyan Ahmad

Zizou wants to play against Federer and during his Sunday interaction Federer promised him if he is still around in next 9 years. “He says that once he turns pro, he will surely remind Roger of the promise,” Farooq said.
The family regularly travels to Kashmir to stay connected with their roots. According to Farooq, Zizou is very much aware of his Kashmiri roots and is fond of his grandparents, uncles and aunts.

Izyan Ahmad with his father, Farooq Ahmad.

The interaction between Fedrer and Zizou
Zizou: I wanted to ask you, Switzerland is really cold right, there isn’t too much livestock., So why do they call you the goat?
Federer: Sometimes…sometimes they call me that. I don’t call myself that. We don’t have a lot of animals obviously. I am also a part of the livestock there, so”
Zizou: You have been the most consistent player of all time. Umm…can you continue to play for 8-9 years so that I can play you when I turn pro.
Federer: If you can make it on tour, I will make sure that I come back for you.
Zizou: Is that a promise?
Federer: Almost…almost…pinkie promise.


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