Kokernag lady abducted not raped

KL Report


As reported earlier, violent protests erupted Saturday morning in Zalangam village of after a woman was allegedly abducted, later released.

The 35 year old lady was Saturday morning spotted crawling out of the nearing forest area after she was allegedly abducted by three people wearing army fatigues in Zalangam, Kokernag in district Islamabad.

“Three men came, gagged me and dragged me to the nearby forests,” the lady was quoted by her father, Abdul Aziz Ganai.

The lady, mother of 3, had undergone a caesarean section just a fortnight back.

“The men were about to rape me but stopped after they saw my stitches,” she told her family.

“The men were wearing Amy uniform, black shoes and were speaking Hindi,” Ganai said, quoting his daughter.

She said that she was released only after the men got a phone call from somebody.

Meanwhile, police have also registered an FIR into the matter.


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