KU VC Stresses on Importance of Dispassionate, Unbiased Research



KUA seminar on ‘Perspectives on the History of Jammu and Kashmir (1846-1947)’ began at the University of Kashmir on Saturday.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Khurshid Iqbal Andrabi presided over the inaugural function of the three-day seminar organized by the Department of History in collaboration with the ICSSR (North Eastern Regional Centre), ICHR New Delhi and UGC, a KU statement said this evening.

In his presidential address, Prof Andrabi said the present seminar is aimed at bringing together scholars and researchers of history to dispassionately discuss and analyze the State of Jammu and Kashmir as it existed from 1846-1947. He urged upon the seminar participants to delve on various historical aspects and events that shaped the formation of the State of Jammu and Kashmir “so that we may get a new perspective on this subject which could help in enhancing our knowledge about our past.”

Addressing the scholars, Prof Andrabi, the chief guest, said: “Be it in natural sciences or social science, every scholar has a predilection for a particular narrative. However a real scholar is the one who dispassionately investigates and researches his subject and overcomes all issues of bias.”

Noted historian and Dean of Academic Affairs at KU, Prof Mohammad Ashraf Wani, delivered the keynote address.

“It is our duty as students of history to bring substantive questions into focus about the theme of the seminar during the three-day deliberations,” he said.

He said the ultimate purpose of any research endeavour is the progress of humanity. “Each theory by a historian or a social scientist contains a grain of truth but none is absolute. Therefore a good scholar or historian is one who does not get swayed away by one point of view, but sheds light on other perspectives on the subject as well, for its finer and deeper understanding.”

Earlier Head of the History Department, Prof M Y Ganai, welcomed participants of the seminar and delineated its aims and objectives. He said the theme of the seminar was chosen to deliberate on new perspectives and dimensions on the history of the State.

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