SRINAGAR: The President of India, Droupadi Murmu, attended a civic reception hosted in her honor at Raj Bhavan, Srinagar, this evening.

Speaking on the occasion, the President thanked the people of Jammu and Kashmir for the warm welcome on her first visit as the President of India. She was pleased to note the presence of eminent personalities from Jammu and Kashmir who have excelled in various fields. She acknowledged that they have not only enhanced the region’s reputation but also that of the entire nation.

The President highlighted Kashmir’s historical significance as a major center of art, culture, and education. She mentioned that approximately 2000 years ago, the 4th Buddhist Council was held in Kashmir.

“Scholars believe that about 1300 years ago, in Srinagar, Shankaracharya composed Saundarya Lahari and Ananda Lahari to extol the glory of Shakti. The teachings of Lal Dyad and the wisdom of Sheikh Noor Ud Din RA continue to guide humanity. Visionaries like Zain-ul-Abidin promoted etiquette and spirituality. Abhinavagupta, who made remarkable contributions to both religion and literature in the 10th century, articulated a profound literary principle that holds true for every aspect of life. He asserted that ‘Shanta Rasa’ is the source of all Rasas,” she said.

The President emphasised the need to perpetuate Jammu and Kashmir’s legacy of valuing peace and tranquility above all else.

The President pointed out that today’s Kashmir is on a transformative journey, aligning with its rich heritage. A new era of progress, peace, and prosperity has dawned, with significant advancements in infrastructure development, e-governance, healthcare, housing, women’s empowerment, tribal outreach, and inclusive development. She expressed delight in the fact that, as of September this year, approximately 1.7 crore tourists have visited Jammu and Kashmir, marking a new record.

The President highlighted that India is currently in the Amrit Kaal (Golden Era). The people of Jammu and Kashmir are wholeheartedly contributing to India’s goal of becoming a developed nation by 2047. She expressed confidence that the people of Jammu and Kashmir will continue to progress together on the path of peace, prosperity, and patriotism.

Earlier in the day, the President interacted with members of local tribal groups and women’s Self-Help Groups at Raj Bhavan, Srinagar.


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