Lambha’s statement a beautiful joke: Geelani

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While terming the Indian Prime minister’s special envoy and track two diplomat S. K. Lambah’s statement on Kashmir as unrealistic and traditional rigid and stubborn approach of India, Chairman All Parties Hurriyat Conference (G), Syed Ali Geelani said that the Kashmiri nation will not accept any solution to the Kashmir dispute which will be against their aspirations, emotions and sacrifices and which will enforce Indian supremacy upon them.

He said that Kashmir is not any border dispute between India and Pakistan which can be solved by Lamba or the leadership of both countries. “It is the matter of right to self-determination of 13 million people and no power in the world can stop them from this basic and birth right,” he said.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, Hurriyat (G) chairman termed the statement of Lamba as a ‘beautiful joke’ in which he had said that the “Kashmir dispute can’t be solved through force or power”.

“It is the Indian government which wants to solve this internationally accepted dispute by its military might and we are continuously asking her that she can’t force any nation to surrender by using its military might nor can she kept Jammu and Kashmir under its illegal and forced occupation for long,” Geelani said.

While terming Lamba’s suggestion of converting the LoC into the permanent borders as the ‘language of a military officer’ rather than a diplomat, the statement quoting Geelani said, “the entire Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, Ladakh and Azad Kashmir are a single territory on which a bloody line has been drawn in 1947 and its people where forcibly separated from each other. If the Kashmiri nation will accept this forced partition, then what was the aim of 67 years struggle and for what purpose our nation have sacrificed lakhs of innocent lives?”

“If Pakistan will also favor the conversion of this bloody line into the permanent borders, Kashmiri nation will not accept it in any way and they will resist every such move,” the statement said.

Out rightly rejecting the suggestion of Lambah of taking any help from Shimla Agreement and Lahore declaration for solving the Kashmir issue, Geelani said that there was no participation of the principal party to the dispute (i.e. Kashmiri People) in formulating these agreements or declarations so these agreements doesn’t have any importance and credibility nor are Kashmiris bound to accept these agreements.

“Until India and Pakistan will not respect and take into consideration the emotions and aspirations of Kashmiri people, while formulating any agreement till then these agreements are merely a bundle of useless papers and documents and these type of agreements have neither benefitted in the past nor will they be useful in future,” Geelani said.

While commenting upon the discussion which was organized by the UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of Kashmir studies (IKS) of Kashmir University, Geelani said that these types of conferences are ‘time pass exercise’ and a ‘chance to draw bills from government treasury’ and the solution of Kashmir dispute is not possible through these time pass exercises. “Kashmir issue is based on reality and its solution is imperative not only for Kashmiris but this dispute is a big hurdle in the peace and prosperity of both the countries India and Pakistan,” Geelani said.

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