Land donors accuse PHE Deptt of cheating

Landlords from different areas of Kashmir Valley on Saturday staged a protest against PHE department for failing to fulfil their promise.

KL Image by Bilal Bahadur

The protesting land donors said they donated their land to PHE Department for construction of various schemes in Kashmir Valley.They raised anti-government slogans and demand justice.
“We donated land in lieu of engagement. The Department put everything in black and white in presence of first class Magistrate. Despite taking away our land, we were not provided with any job. We feel cheated and were left with no option but to register the protest,” the land donors told reporters.
They said government recently issued an SRO-520 in which it has said that only those donors will be engaged who have donated one kanal of land. “It is injustice towards those donors who have provided less than one kanal of land to the PHE department,” the protesters said.


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