Land Sinking Incident in Srinagar: Six Houses Damaged, Families Await Assistance


SRINAGAR: At least six residential houses were damaged in a land-sinking incident in the Rainawari area of Srinagar on Monday, prompting the evacuation of families under the direction of the Tehsildar.

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Locals from Khawaja Pora, Rainawari, informed local news agency KNO that a land sinking incident occurred in their locality, damaging at least six houses.

The affected families from Khawja Pora lamented that only local police and the Tehsildar visited them on the first day, declaring the houses unsafe and evacuating them.

According to locals, the land sinking incident occurred a week ago, raising concerns among residents who are urgently seeking assistance from the administration.

“On the first day, the Tehsildar and local police visited, but since then, no one from the administration has come,” said Irfan Shah, a local resident whose house was damaged in the incident.

He added that some families cannot afford rent or alternative accommodation, forcing them to stay in the damaged houses, which poses a significant risk.

The families have appealed to the administration to visit the site, assess the damage, and provide guidance on the necessary measures.

“We want officials from the administration to visit and advise us on what to do next. Our homes are damaged, and we are uncertain about our future,” another resident said.


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