Largest Exhibition Of Islamic Art In Srinagar


enjoying the royal patronage this art became the part of life style of elites in the medieval society in India. Delhi, Lahore, Lucknow, Rampur, Hyderabad and Kashmir became important centres of this art.

“At display are certain rare things,” Beg said. “It includes the hand written sample of the Quran that Mughal king Aurengzeb calligraphed.” Auragzeb and Dara Shakoh had learned the art from an Iranian expert for whose retention Mughals were willing to offer even a province.

At display are hand-written Quran, waslis (wall hangings) and tughras are other examples of calligraphy on paper. Medieval coins of India are considered among the most beautiful coins of the world because of calligraphy on them.

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  1. it is one of the most elaborate displays of the highest artistic taditions of Islam. The interpretation of the panels through crisp writeups opens up these treasures to discerning viewers. At a time when Muslims are faced with the challenges posed by KL

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