Leaves of Autumn

Iqra Akhoon

Every Creepy Leaf Of Now,

Leads To Unkonwn Echoes,

Of Pain And Endurance.

Every Deep Dark Wood,

Seduces Us To Swirl In.

Slight Shaky Branches,

Asks Wind For More.

These Brownies Sway,

Under Those Hollow Weigh.

You Feign To Enjoy,

For Their Invincible Joy.

O You Mighty Being,

Again Who Lived In Past.

Have Seen My Ancients And

Hearken Their Secrets,

All This ,

Just Beneath Your Shade

When Your Turn To Red

Reflect Atrocity Of Times.

I Firmly Feel,

You Silently Bare Witness To All.

Where Blossoms In Spring

Convey Their Gaiety

With Every Sheer Breeze.

Your Naked Simplicity In Chills

Held Their Innocence

In Your Every Belonging.

A Rentless Portion,

For Them To Weave,

Their Seasonal Carpet.

For Once They Live,

And Then They Leave.

Though You Didn’t Utter,

But As Such An Open Letter .

Facing Towards Sky,

And Praying For Springs.

Despite Fully Aware

Of Coming Harsh Winter.


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