Legal Metrology Fines Cadbury India Ltd

KL Desk

The department of Legal Metrology conducted inspection of products of Cadbury Company CFA at canal road and found violations of packaged commodities rules in few pre packed products of toffees namely “celebrations & Eclairs”.

The said rules specifies the font size of mandatory declarations like Net Weight, MRP ,address of manufacturer & other so that the same are legible to consumers. The inspecting team found some discrepancies on the said package & the packages were seized & the notice was sent to the management of the company.

According to Deputy Controller Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Manoj Prabhakar,the management on scrutiny of their products admitted their fault and applied for disposal of the case with the assurance to rectify the defects in the interest of Consumers ,accordingly the department imposed a sum of Rs 24000 on the company and recovered the same as composition money


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