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Er Rashid

Er Rashid
Er Rashid

As leader of the house Omar Abdullah has every right to put forward his view point, defend or oppose somebody. But at the same time he has to ensure that he should be honest, to the point and neutral during his argument and should rise above his personal likes and dislikes.

Summing up the debate over VK Singh in the state legislative assembly Omar Abdullah said that he has left the decision of resignation of Ghulam Hassan Mir to his (Mir’s) conscience.

More surprisingly Chief Minister said that let people of Tangmarg who have elected Mir to the assembly decide whether he is guilty or not.

It is strange that Chief Minister does not know that Mir is not representing only Tangmarg but is working as a cabinet minister with Omar and is deemed and supposed to know all the official secrets which Omar is legally bound to share with his cabinet colleagues and is answerable to every citizen of the state.

Passing the buck by Chief Minister will facilitate pointing fingers towards people other than Mir as well. Expecting Mir to take a decision as per his conscience is as good as expecting apples from a popular tree.

May be Omar knows well that when everybody has lost his conscience, crying conscience will ensure over coming consciences of those who have yet even a bit of conscience.

While Omar is cautious and apologetic towards Mir but, his uncle has crossing all the moral and ethical lines in condemning Mir and comparing him with Mir Jaffar and Mir Sadiq of their times.

Obviously Omar was trying to ensure Mir that ‘we are with you’ for the reason all sailing in the same boat, while Mustafa Kamal was given the job of going for a damage control mode to ensure that NC may be seen as a pro Kashmiri and anti army party.

It does not necessarily mean that Omar Abdullah might have received money like Mir did but is certainly trying to protect his friends and colleagues.

Similarly before crying innocence and demanding probe over VK Singh’s revelations, Miss Mehbooba Mufti must ask her conscience that where does she and her colleagues stand.

There is not a big difference between charges leveled against Mir and others. Over induction of army’s right hand Usmaan Majeed in Mufti Sahib’s cabinet, PDP owes a due explanation to the people of the state that why did PDP inducted a renegade into the cabinet who was enjoying complete patronage of the army and other agencies.

Same is the case with Omar Abdullah and his party as before crying over VK Singh, let him explain that why NC nominated two renegades as MLCs in its tenure. Fact of the matter is that these parties are not worried about the infiltration of army into the political affairs of J&K but their cause of concern is that why and how the connection and the dealings between politicians and army got exposed.

They want neither to annoy New Delhi nor to compel Mir to expose others.

By abusing and condemning Singh, they also want to make Kashmiris believe that we are neither agents nor puppets. They are also trying to please army and trying to give a signal to the army that whatsoever they are saying against Singh is not against an army General as Singh is now no more a serving general.

However they do forget that whatever Singh has revealed is all that what he has seen and done as an army general by following the state policy that has been operational since 1947.

It is high time for the common masses in Kashmir to clear confusion among themselves and decide how to achieve what they want.

Those who vote and those who do not vote must seek answers to some very important and basic questions from their leaders, otherwise the treatment which Kashmiris have been getting can be termed justified and genuine because they know everything about everybody but still forgive everyone hence, leaving themselves bleeding and allowing their leaders to enjoy.


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