Militant outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba has firmly asserted that cease-fire is no option and no thought can be given on such compromise.

“We deem it as sin and disgrace to the sacrifices put up in the freedom struggle. We are the heirs of the martyrs. Opting for such choice is treachery to the blood of martyrs and there is no disgrace as such,” LeT Chief Mehmood Shah said in a statement to news agency CNS.

Shah said that the statement of India’s interior minister is nothing but a drama. “It may be a wish of India and it’s few sympathizers and nothing else. Bipin Rawat is of the opinion that he may threaten the Kashmiris by imposing atrocities on unarmed students. It has neither happened before nor will it happen now. We were active in the resistance before and so we will be in future.”

Mahmood Shah said that we are in favor of negotiations but the talks of negotiations in presence of armed occupational forces in the region are lies.

Mahmood Shah said that whole of Jihad Council is convinced on the leadership of Syed Salahuddin. “Our mothers are supporting us by picking up the guns and we can never betray their trust. This indigenous freedom struggle is supported by the pure blood of martyrs and we can never let anyone betray it. We vow to the people that we will never betray their trust and the immense sacrifices they have gone through in the freedom struggle. We will fight to the last of our blood in our struggle against illegal occupation. India shall soon witness the wrath of the people. We will continue the armed struggle until and unless Jammu Kashmir had won its freedom.” (CNS)


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