SRINAGAR: National Conference on Thursday said the assertions of Lt Governor on the development scenario in J&K were not supported by facts on the ground, saying there was the little material basis to such “mythical claims.”

Former speaker Akbar Lone at his official residence in Srinagar.

The party MP, Muhammad Akbar Lone while expressing dismay over the claims of the LG wherein he necessitated for a need to introspect what J&K had got in past 70 years, said had the LG taken some time to go through the post-independence history of J&K, he would not have come up with such “untaught assertions.”

“The assertions should not be seen in isolation, it is a part of a larger myth-making factory that works day in and day out to give credence to the measures undertaken on the August 5 last year. Seeing him pontificate people about rural development and people’s participation is rather hilarious.

He said for the last one year J&K has only seen caging of representative voices, parliamentarians, former Chief Ministers and legislators. “People also remember how democracy was throttled by not allowing political outfits to form a duly elected government in J&K; a tragedy that followed the dissolution of the J&K Legislative Assembly was no less than murdering democracy,” he said.

Lone said around 12,000 vacant Panchayat seats were awaiting elections. He said the government has not been able to conduct elections to them as well. “The sole purpose of such a statement is to dismember the political power of people of J&K, and that is being done by demeaning the contribution of legitimate representatives of people of J&K,” said Lone.

The MP said it was a known fact how land reforms brought much-needed dividends to the poor in terms of poverty alleviation. .

Lone said Farooq Abdullah-led government kept up with the rhythm of good work done during Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah’s tenure. “The development done post-1996 by the government with Dr Sahib in its vanguard is for all to see. It is needless to say what the state of affairs in J&K was at that time,” said Lone. “During Omar Sahab’s tenure, every single sector of the state got a flip, in particular, the health and education sector. Many social schemes were started to provide succor to the poorest of the poor and deprived. Special schemes of girls and an employment program for youth were some of the initiatives that were taken.”


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