SRINAGAR: Ahead of the new fiscal year, the Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) urged the district magistrates of the Kashmir division to disburse the salaries of government employees only after clearing their outstanding electricity dues.

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In a communication to the district magistrates of Kashmir division, the Managing Director of KPDCL, Mussarat Islam, emphasised the importance of clearing pending electricity dues owed by government employees and contractors before disbursing salaries or releasing funds for development projects.

“KPDCL is entrusted with the responsibility of collecting revenue for electricity charges from all categories of consumers, including government employees and contractors executing various development projects in the Kashmir division,” the communiqué reads.

Mussarat highlighted that the government has set revenue targets for KPDCL for the current financial year, with regular review meetings held at the highest levels and information shared on a weekly basis.

The finance department has issued directives for the timely recovery of government funds deposited for power energy dues from government employees.

“To ensure the realization of government revenue targets, all district magistrates of Kashmir division are requested to issue circular directions to all Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs), District Treasury Officers, and Treasury Officers. They are instructed to disburse the salaries of government employees working in the districts only after the clearance of electricity dues,” the communiqué stated.

Mussarat also urged district magistrates to ensure that contractors clear their power bills before receiving payments for development projects. This measure aims to achieve revenue targets and safeguard the Union Territory Exchequer—(KNO)


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