Lok Sabha polls contest between secular, communal forces: Omar

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Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah, who is also the Working President of National Conference, Wednesday said that current Parliamentary elections have placed India on a crucial crossroad where the people of the country have to decide between the two ideologies of communal divide, represented by BJP and its Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, and the inclusiveness and harmony, symbolized by Rahul Gandhi.

Addressing an election rally at Ramsoo and various welcome rallies at Tikri, Udhampur, Chenani, Batote and Chanderkote en-route, the Chief Minister said that every vote in favour of NC-Congress candidates in the State will strengthen the roots of communal amity, brotherhood and ensure equal opportunities of growth and development for all sections of the society, irrespective of any consideration of religion, region, caste or colour.

Omar Abdullah said that BJP is polarizing the society to nurture its ideology of dividing the society for vote bank politics. He said Jammu and Kashmir is ‘Miniature India’ where people of different sections of the society and various shades of faith co-exist in an environment of love and brotherhood since centuries. “BJP, like always, is bent upon wedging apart the people and divide them to grab power”, he said and maintained that people of Jammu and Kashmir are wise enough to read between the lines and vote in large numbers in favour of NC-Congress candidates.

“This is all the more necessary for Jammu and Kashmir to preserve its rich pluralistic ethos, communal harmony and ensure equitable and holistic development in an atmosphere of inclusiveness and justice”, Omar Abdullah said asking for wholehearted support in favour of NC-Congress candidate from Udhampur-Doda Parliamentary Constituency, Ghulam Nabi Azad, describing him a real friend of the people and torchbearer of secular democratic credentials of the State and the country.

Omar Abdullah said that a person like Modi who has not shown a courtesy to apologize or even regret for the killings of innocents in Gujarat and is a culprit in the eyes of public so far as Gujarat riots are concerned cannot suit to be the Prime Minister of a great country like India, which is abode of pluralistic ethos.

“As against this, Rahul Gandhi symbolizes the unity and brotherhood of India and is champion of inclusiveness and communal harmony. He possesses unblemished characteristic and is true friend of the Country and its people. In Rahul Gandhi Jammu and Kashmir has also found its sincere and trusty friend who has always came forward to help the State to come out of difficulties and he is determined to continue this trait”, Omar Abdullah said and added that Rahul Gandhi will be the right choice for Prime Ministership of the Country. He asked the people to vote in favour of Mr. Azad as it will pave the way to make Rahul Gandhi Prime Minister of the Country.


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