Longing for Son’s Release from Bihar Jail, Mother Dies



Longing for release of her son from a jail in Bihar, Hajira Begum, 75, of Guzriyal, Kupwara, died Saturday at her home.

Since 1991, when her young son Peer Rahmatullah crossed over to Pakistan for arms training at the age of 16 years, Hajira was eagerly waiting to see her son once again before she leaves this world.

Her hope rekindled over a month ago, when she heard that her son was returning under the rehabilitation policy for militants, started by the last NC-led government, from Pakistan along with his family to resume normal life at his native place.

Under the policy, in November Rahmatullah crossed Nepal Border to India along with his family after the Jammu and Kashmir police and security agencies gave clearance to their counterparts in Bihar to allow him to cross over.

But, police in Bihar arrested him at India-Nepal border and put him in Motihari jail there, dashing his mother’s hopes to see her son.

“My mother was very happy when she heard that Rahmatullah will come home alive, and that too with his family. She was longing for it since 1991. And her happiness grew more when Rehmatullah was given clearance by the state police to come back home,” Mohammad Sadiq Peer, brother of Rehmatullah told KNS.

However, Hajira could not see her son as she died today at her home. Neither could her son, Rehmatullah, see her alive and take part in her burial.

Mourners at the Hajira’s funeral today were agitated with state and Union governments as to why Rehmatullah was jailed by Bihar police despite their own security agencies having given clearance for his return.


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