Malik calls Rana’s statement a ‘RSS ploy’

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Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik Monday termed the Provincial President of National Conference Devendra Singh Rana’s statement to grant regional autonomy for Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh as a conspiracy against Kashmir and said that it is actually a RSS agenda for which pro-India parties in Jammu and Kashmir are actively working.

In a statement Malik said Rana’s statement is actually RSS formula and this formula has been created to destroy Jammu Kashmir and harm its special status. “Rana’s brother is a minister in Narendra Modi led BJP government and the two brothers are two sides of a same coin. Rana’s statement in which he has called for devolution of powers to elected autonomous regional administrative set ups is actually perusing RSS agenda,” he said.

The JKLF chairman said creating three states within the state of Jammu Kashmir is actually a RSS ploy. “Indian state has communally polarized Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Puppet MLAs of Jammu and Kashmir whether they are from PDP, NC, Congress, BJP or any other party are all part of this conspiracy,” he said.

Lashing out at New Delhi and pro-India parties, he said, “In 1947 when lakhs of Muslims were massacred by Hindu fanatics in Jammu, not even a single non-Muslim was touched in Kashmir. Hindu fanatics have been persecuting Muslims in Jammu from 1947. Same is the case of Ladakh region where there has been no problem in past but from some years fanatics patronized by Indian state have started communalizing the situation.”

Yasin Malik said that Kashmiri Muslims always helped people of Ladakh. “But now they are also being pitted against Kashmiri Muslims by these fanatics which is unfortunate and most condemnable,” he said.

He said that in 1947 when sub-continent was engulfed in communal riots, Mahatma Gandhi could see a ray of hope from Kashmir because Kashmiri Muslims never harmed any non Muslim despite provocations.

Yasin also lashed out PDP leader and MP Muzaffar Hussain Beig’s statement. “Beig has said pro resistance camp has vested interests and that is why they are issuing statements against him. I want to remind him that most of the time pro-freedom camp is either behind the bars or being ruthlessly beaten on roads by Indian forces for raising voice of the people,” he said.

The graveyards of pro-freedom camp are everywhere in the state reminding their sacrifices and struggle, said Yasin Malik. “It is actually people like Beig who for their pity gains and vested interests always harm the sacred cause of people and to become ministers and MPs always make sellout of the interests of Kashmiris,” the JKLF chairman said.

He also termed PDP chief spokesman Naeem Akhtar’s statement regarding Beig’s assertions as utter hypocrisy. “On one side Naeem Akhtar says it is Beig’s personal view, but on the other side he didn’t clarify what his party’s stand is over this issue. Akhtar’s statement that any decision on the issue (WPRs) can be taken by the state Assembly tent amounts to rubbing salt on the wounds of Kashmiris. It is the same Assembly where resolution for Shaheed Afzal Guru was tabled and PDP and other parties remained mum. This assembly is the biggest hurdle in the way of freedom of Kashmir as right from 1947 it has been used against the interests of Kashmiris by India,” he added.


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