SRINAGAR: Srinagar Police tweeted on Wednesday that they have arrested an alleged molester, and the vehicle involved has been impounded.

They stated that the molester had offered a ride to the victim and attempted to assault her. However, when she resisted, he forcibly ejected her from the vehicle.

“In connection with this incident, we have apprehended the molester and confiscated the vehicle,” the official added.

The Srinagar Police issued a tweet stating, “One individual, identified as Uzair Hameed Mir, son of Abdul Hameed Mir, a resident of Daulatabad Khanyar, has been placed under arrest for charges of molesting and causing harm to a girl. The perpetrator provided the victim with a lift, followed by an attempt to assault her. Subsequently, when the girl resisted his advances, he callously expelled her from the car. An FIR has been lodged, encompassing stringent charges, at the Rainawari Police Station. Furthermore, the vehicle involved has been seized.”

The official also included that an FIR pertaining to this incident has been registered at the Rainawari Police Station.


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