Manan Killing: Waheed Para condemns suspension of three Kashmiri students from AMU


Youth President, Jammu and Kashmir People’s Democratic Party, Waheed Ur Rehman Para condemned the suspension of three Kashmiri students by Aligarh Muslim University for allegedly offering prayers in absentia for scholar rebel Manan Wani.

He said that in a democratic country, no one has the right to suspend and charge students under sedition over prayers planned for a former student.

“It is very disheartening to hear about the suspension and charge sheeting of three students by Aligarh Police Station on the mere pretext of thoughts and difference in ideologies,” said Para.

Para said that such actions further create a gap between youngsters from Kashmir to mainland India.

“Need of the hour is to have tolerance and readiness for discussions on various ideologies. We can’t afford our next generation to let go as it is. We need to provide space to their ideas, thoughts and bring them on the table,” added Para.

He further added that University authorities without any prejudice should cancel the suspension of students and call upon its administration to defend the students against the fraudulent charges.

Pertinently, the scholars who have been charged are bright and have been awarded JRF, making science models and others achievements said Para in a statement.


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