Markets crowded with shoppers ahead of Eid

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As Eid-ul-Fitre approaches, the shopping centers in Srinagar city are seen crowded with men, women and children trying to select their choicest.

The charge of shoppers in the markets during the last days of Ramazan has been almost twice what it is in normal days. A festive is beginning to grip city markets as shopping for Eid-ul-Fitr gets into full swing with traders saying the economic situation is picking up.

People especially the children found purchasing Eid cards from the stalls. New clothes, shoes, bangles, ornaments, purses, wallets and henna are always considered as the main items for Eid shopping besides bakery and the ongoing shopping trend is likely to provide the shopkeepers with good business before Eid.

Rush of women was also witnessed at the bangle stalls where the women and girls are found busy in shopping the matching stuff for their Eid dresses. There were many who wanted to have even the matching shoes and ornaments to celebrate the Eid day that provided more business opportunity to the owners of shoe and ornaments shops.

Most roads leading to the main markets in both uptown and down town Srinagar remained blocked at most of the places with massive traffic jams. The vehicles and pedestrians increased, traffic police found it hard handling congestion problems being unaccustomed to handling such heavy traffic in the city.

Special Eid bazaars are witnessed at many places and colourful bangles and ornaments are the main reasons of attraction for the female customers. New technologies have replaced the traditional things like Eid cards as the people prefer to wish Eid through internet or SMS. Despite this, some stalls of Eid Cards are also found in some markets.

Customers have to bargain at most of shops because shopkeepers demand different prices of the same item. “There is no rationality in prices. The shopkeepers have fixed the price according to their wish,” said a customer.

From clothing, accessories and jewellery to shoes, gift items and bakery a heavy rush of customers can be seen in shops in Srinagar.


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