Medico from Washington School of Medicine Delivers Talk in SKIMS




Dr Rizwan Romee, consultant from prestigious Washington School of Medicine gave detailed lecture at SKIMS Soura Monday on Allogenic Stem Cell Transplant and Role of NK Cell (Natural Killer Cell) immunotherapy for malignant diseases.

Dr Romee highlighted the salient features of enhancing the yield and durability of allograft with special description of use of NK cells.

Director SKIMS Dr SA Zargar termed the detailed lecture beneficial for the students & faculty. “SKIMS always encourage such academic activities where world renowned experts share their experiences & new advances in related field,” he said.

HOD Medical Oncology SKIMS & renowned Oncologist, Dr Sheikh Aijaz explains surgery, chemotherapeutic agents and ionizing radiation have been used for decades as primary strategies to eliminate the tumors in patients. “However, the development of resistance to drugs or radiation led to a significant incidence of tumor relapse,” he said. “Therefore, investigating effective strategies to eliminate these resistant tumor cells is urgently needed.”

The importance of immune system in malignant diseases has been demonstrated by recent major scientific advances, he said. “Both innate and adaptive immune cells actively prevent neoplastic development in a process called ‘cancer immunosurveillance’.”

“Innate immune cells, including monocytes, macrophages, dendritic cells (DCs) and natural killer (NK) cells, mediate immediate, short-lived responses by releasing cytokines that directly lyse tumor cells or capture debris from dead tumor cells.”


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