Mehbooba Mufti closing doors for dialogue: Er. Rasheed


AIP Chairman and MLA Langate Er Rasheed reminded Mehbooba Mufti about her speech made in the state Assembly that we can get nothing outside Indian constitution, thus closing doors for Hurriyat to talk.

In a statement, Rasheed said “It is good to expect thirsty horses to quench their thirst at a well, but then if the well is full of dirt or carries acid than water. Asking Hurriyat leaders to talk one side but dashing hope in the same breath is unacceptable, misleading and amounts to exploitation of sentiment. There is no fun to talk about dialogue on one side but impose conditions on the other side.”

Rasheed said “by saying so it seems Mehbooba Mufti is working on New Delhi’s ‘Chankian’ agenda of offering talks but creating an atmosphere where talks could never be held.”

“Mehbooba’s speeches in Assembly are a clear-cut signal that appointing Daneshwar Sharma is to give the impression that New Delhi is ready to talk with an open mind but forcing Mehbooba Mufti to speak desperation, negativity, and immaturity is ample signal to say Hurriyat bye-bye,” Rasheed added.

Rasheed appealed New Delhi not to trust the false and self centered versions of main stream politicians especially Mehbooba Mufti and Omer Abdullah whose one point agenda is to get power.


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