Mehbooba Reacts To Omar; ‘NC Can’t Measure Others By Their Own Standards Of Hypocrisy’

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president, Mehbooba Mufti Sunday said that the party’s roadmap for the resolution
of Jammu & Kashmir issue, under the leadership of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, was clear, practicable and achievable in the present geo-political scenario.

Addressing a public meeting at Kilam in Devsar constituency, she said the action in this regard was, in fact, started in 2002 itself, even the party having only 16 members in the Legislative Assembly, and it is under implementation. “If the party gets a decisive mandate, it will carry forward its policies and agenda for resolution, reconciliation and reconstruction with the help of people only and hopefully leaving no role for discredited politicians who enriched
themselves for decades over miseries of people,” she said.

Mehbooba added it is PDP’s vision to get the state out of this morass without indulging in hoax slogans and blood-bath.

“The party stands for what is practically possible without emotionally black mailing people with the lofty promises of plebiscite and autonomy which were ultimately sold out for power. To bring Jammu & Kashmir out of the
uncertainty and resultant darkness that has engulfed it for the last 65 years was the party’s core agenda, and we had attempted this during our brief tenure in the government and achieved a breakthrough,” she said and added this process will be carried forward with support from people.

The PDP president said any headway in Jammu and Kashmir issue is impossible without people being fully empowered; who have faced the maximum brunt of tumultuous times and of the present repressive regime, and PDP believes it is possible to do in an environment, where there is no fear, threat to life and unnecessary intimidation from the
state. Urging people to make it a point that they elect the politicians based on their performance only, she said, in the given circumstances, it is necessary to do to pave a way for the honorable resolution of political problem.

She said a decisive mandate will provide legitimacy to the party’s resolution efforts. Mehbooba said PDP will usher in a new era of peace, prosperity and development in the state and will pick up the threads again, from where it left, when it had catalysed the process of reconciliation within the state and between India and Pakistan.

“Failure of the present government has squeezed space of dignity for all section of society, and all the positive initiatives taken by the previous government have been reversed and the atmosphere of hope that was generated, in the state, has disappeared,” the PDP president claimed.

She said creating an atmosphere conducive to the resolution had been made in 2003 with the memorable Atal Bihari Vajpayee visit. “His (Vajpaiee’s) statement was historical in its nature as no less than PM of India declared among thousands of people that Kashmir issue is to be resolved within the ambit of humanity. Inspite of the forces, from
both countries having been in a combat position, hand of friendship was extended to Pakistan from the soil of Kashmir,” she said adding the opening of Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road was a historical Confidence Building Measure (CBM) and start for resolution of Kashmir issue.

“And, two rounds of unconditional talks, between separatists and then deputy prime minister L K Advani, were initiated during that time.

Restoring sense of security, transparency in the system and good governance were the hallmark of PDP govt,” Mehbooba added.

The PDP president alleged National Conference’s thinking is clouded by the fact that they measure every other party by their own standards of hypocrisy and duality. “This party (NC) had publicly made fun of the PDP, when in 2004, the idea of opening up of LoC for travel and trade with Srinagar-Muzzafarbad road, was introduced, through banners and
hoardings. However, what NC had described as a pipe dream was realized only in less than one year, with the introduction of cross-LoC

‘Karvan-e-Amn’ and followed up with the opening of  Poonch-Rawalalot road. By contrast NC has been unable to have implemented any of its promises throughout its history and is, therefore, trying to trivialize serious issues like resolution of J&K problem and governance through meaningless statement,” she added.

Criticising the NC about its past ‘blunders’, she alleged after giving up the plebiscite demand it took a U-turn for the sake of chair, even after thousands of people were got killed, ‘but PDP’s performance is clear and we achieved whatever little without causing any bloodshed or disturbance.’

“We have set modest goals for ourselves but their significance has become historic,” she said. “For petty jobs, Omar Abdullah sold our waters, power and even J&K Bank. PDP didn’t compromise on the dignity of people. When Mufti Mohammad Sayeed talks of resolution, he does not raise the slogans like “tum mujay khoon do, mein tumhain aazadi
daunga” (Give me your blood, I will give you freedom); neither does his party raise donations in the shape of jewellery and sacrificial animal hides. The PDP, with its record of having achieved more than what it had promised in its election manifesto in 2002, has the required credibility to seek votes for resolution, reconciliation and reconstruction,” she said.

Mehbooba said AFSPA revocation demand has become a digressing tactics and mere slogan for the chief minister, who first raised it after the death of Haji Yousuf, who died in mysterious circumstance ‘involving Omar Abdullah’s residence and murky money dealings in the Abdullah family, but for PDP it is matter of conviction not just slogan. It (AFSPA) was discussed at the highest level with the prime minister when we were part of coalition in 2007, and a committee was, latter, formed under defence secretary.’

The PDP president claimed there is complete collapse of governance in the state and anarchy is ruling the roost. “Brute force has become answer to every problem for the government and the rulers have no time to listen to the peoples’ genuine demands which has given rise to chaos. The public institutions are being destroyed, which can be
simply gauged from the Common Entrance Examination mess up,” she added.


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