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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti has said the government’s policies have made it difficult to achieve a breakthrough in the Shopian dead lock as it has made no attempt to reach out to the people there and neither does it allow the opposition to play its role.

Addressing people in Wukai Kulgam and Durapora Wachi Tuesday she said, “Government has failed to create a sense of justice among the people resulting in complete collapse of systems.” She visited the two places today to condole the death of two young people who were killed in the unprovoked firing in Shopian last week.

In Wukai Kulgam she visited the home of Tariq Ahmad Mir while in Durapora Wachi she went to see the family of Mohammad Yousuf Sofi the victims of CRPF firing.

As per a statement Mehbooba while expressing her deep sense of sorrow, has conveyed the party’s solidarity with the families. She said, “The insensitivity of the coalition government has resulted in devastation of hundreds of families whose members especially the youth have been targeted by the trigger happy forces who enjoy a virtual license to kill.”

Mehbooba said the government has not just been unable to rein in the forces, provide justice to its victims but has also criminalized protest and dissent. She said “thousands of people especially the youth have been framed in false and flimsy cases for raising their voice against the atrocities  and repression.” She said even elected representatives of the people have been prevented from reaching out to the people or raising their voices.

Mehbooba said even though she represents Wachi in Shopian district she has been denied the right to visit the area. She said the government is using the argument of threat and black mail to stop her visits by saying that her presence in the area could cause disturbance and result in further loss of life- a situation that infact the government itself could engineer as it did in 2009 in Shopian during her visit there.

She said in contrast to this the government politicians are freely moving in the area in order to create confusion about the facts of shooting incidents that resulted in five deaths. Mehbooba said, “The government is deliberately stalling justice as it is not allowing even the formality of registering an FIR.” She said even though the broad day light murders in Shopian need no inquiries as its facts are known to everybody. The police is not even registering the case. “Instead of registering the case and starting formal investigation the government has started an inquiry which as in previous such cases is only an attempt to coverup the crime,” she said.


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