Menace of drug abuse an emerging threat for our youth: Dr Farooq Abdullah


National Conference president and Member of Parliament from Srinagar parliament Dr Farooq Abdullah on Tuesday said the menace of drug abuse is the emerging threat which if left unchecked will consume the future of our youth.

Menace of drug abuse an emerging threat for our youth: Dr Farooq Abdullah

Interacting with a group of representatives of welfare committee Maqdoom Sahib at his residence in Srinagar party president said that the need of the hour called for joint societal efforts to tackle with the menace.

“Every issue has to be addressed with all seriousness jointly by various stakeholders that include the government as well. But the greater responsibility lies on the shoulders of schools, parents and the community leaders. The need of the hour calls for an inclusive policy against the menace focusing mainly on three components: policing, de-addiction, and prevention.”

“The situation should be immediately tackled with a brawny response before it morphs into a much dire situation.  It would be better if the state government comes up with an inclusive policy against the menace of drug addiction and narcotic smuggling. The policy framework should include the inputs of health, police and education departments. Various civil society groups should also be taken on board before evolving such a state level strategy against the menace,” he said.

The visiting delegation apprised the party president about the increasing activity of drug peddlers in the sheikh colony locality. The delegation lamented the negligent attitude of the local police towards the issue.

The delegation members said that their repeated petitions in this connection were not entertained by the local police.

The delegation apprised the party president about the necessity of removing the residents of Sheikh Colony to other area of the city. They maintained that the settlement has become a hub of all unscrupulous activities including drug peddling and land grab in Malkha graveyard.

The party president ensured the visiting delegation that he will write to the Governor about the issue. “I will personally meet his Excellency to apprise him on the issue. The land grab issue concerning the biggest graveyard of the valley is of great concern. The graveyard is of historical importance, it has a history to it. I assure you that I will raise the issue at the appropriate forums,” he said.


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