SRINAGAR: Reacting to the Indian Home Ministry report wherein it has directed “intelligence agencies” to control Masjids, Madrassas and Media to contain the anti-India and pro-freedom narratives in Kashmir, Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Monday said that the report has caused serious apprehensions among the people of Kashmir and that they fear that Hindutva is being enforced in Kashmir.

In a statement issued here, the chairperson of DeM Aasiyah Andrabi said that we want to make it clear that the Indian authorities and their intelligence agencies including NSA want us to follow the Islam that they are comfortable with.

She said that no power on earth can dictate us as to what to follow and what not when it comes to the teachings of Islam.

“We are Muslims Alhamdulillah and Tawheed is our Aqeeda,” she said, “let them call it whatever they want.” Calling it wahabbiyat or barelviyat or whatever doesn’t make any difference.

She said that our Aqeeda is that of One Allah, One Rasool-ul-llah SAW and one Qura’an. “No one can distract us from the fundamentals of our deen.”

She said that the religion of Islam is as old as the humanity. “Every messenger from Aadam (AS) to Muhammad SAW came with Islam. The only difference is that the last messenger Muhammad SAW only completed the Deen.”

She said that no one on the earth can dare to even change the “Zabar” and “Zeer” of our religion, the Islam.

Mrs Andrabi said that the Muslims of Jammu Kashmir in particular and the Mulsims of the Sub-Continent in general should fight the decision tooth and nail. “We are not going to ask India and her agencies as what to follow from our religion and what not to.”

She said that Islam is a revealed Aqeeda. “You can call it whatever you want including Wahabbiyyat and Barelviyat.”  She reiterated that the fundamentals of Islam can never change.

“We will die to safeguard it including men and women. We are ready to sacrifice our lives for it.”

She said that the Muslims of Kashmir will safeguard the Madrassas and Masjids come what may. “Even if our lives are lost for the same, we will not hesitate.”


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