Milad-un-Nabi (SAW): Devotional Frames

Amid nail-biting cold, Muslims all over Jammu and Kashmir observed Eid Milad-un-Nabi (SAW) with religious fervour on Thursday as thousands of devotees thronged the revered Hazratbal shrine here to have a glimpse of the Holy relic. Bilal Bahadur drove before pre-dawn prayers to capture the devotional gathering


Thousands of people had reached the shrine Wednesday evening to participate in the night long prayers at Hazratbal Srinagar and to have a first glimpse of Holy relic that was displayed after Fajr (pre-dawn) prayers. Devotees gathered at the shrine to offer congregational afternoon prayers and to have glimpse of holy relic. The shrine was pleasantly decorated.


The devotees got emotional and raised their hands for prayers reciting Quranic verses and Durood while having the glimpse of holy relic of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) after Zuhr congregational prayers.

Special arrangements were put in place by Traffic Police for smooth movement of people to and from the shrine. Besides private and public transport, State Road Transport Corporation (SRTC) had made arrangements for ferrying devotees. Divisional administration had made arrangements of security and other necessary facilities.


Various religious, social, business and political organizations had erected banners on roads and shops outside Hazratbal shrine, greeting people on the occasion while local traders decorated the markets and announced discount on various items.


Meanwhile, special congregational prayers were also organized at other revered shrines of Kashmir like Jenab Sahab Soura, Asar-e-Sharif Shahri Kalashpora, Khanqah-e-Maula, Ziarat Hazrat Dastgeer Sahab (RA), Syed Yaqoob Sahab (RA) Sonwar, Khawaja Naqshband Sahab (RA) and Ziarat Makhdoom Sahib (RA). Similar prayers were also held at Masjids and shrines in Islamabad mainly at Jamia Masjid Reshi Sahab, Khiram Sirhama, Kaba Marg, Dooru and Seer Hamdan.


In Kargil, thousands of people celebrated Eid Milad-un-Nabi (SAW) in the town. While speaking in Jamia Masjid Hanfia Kargil, the Imam stressed for unity among Muslims. He said that the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW) is the only way to lead a better life.


A Seerat Conference was held at Idgah in Jammu. The day long Seerat Conference was organised by Anjuman Islah-Ul- Muslimeen, Jammu. The conference was presided over by Vice-President All India Muslim Personal Board, Dr Kalab-E-Sadiq.


A large number of people besides religious scholars participated in the conference. The clerics on the occasion threw light on the teachings and working of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and through their sermons impressed upon the people to be united and follow the teaching of Prophet (SAW).


In Bhaderwah, people took out procession from the historic Jamia Masjid which passed through various roads and streets of Bhaderwah town in which various prominent Muslim scholars made their speeches and threw light on the teachings and working of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

MILAD (10)

On such holy occasions in Kashmir, sweets and street food are a common sight.

Reportage by: CNS


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