Militant killings trigger more violence, motivates youth to join militancy: Er Rasheed


Reiterating that Kashmiris are against violence, AIP President Er Rasheed on Thursday said that contradiction between claims being made by police and governor over the killing of militants is quite imminent.

In a statement issued today, Rasheed said that Governor Satya Pal Malik claims that he feels pained by the killing of militants and militancy cannot be eliminated by killing militants but security agencies are not only celebrating the killings but have claimed that Baramulla district has become “militancy free”.

The spokesman added that Kashmiris need peace than anyone else and are against death and destruction but as Governor has rightly said that militancy comes from the brain, as such the claims made by police regarding making Baramulla “militancy free” carry no meaning. Those claiming Baramulla to be militancy free now are misleading New Delhi for their pity interests without realizing that counting dead bodies triggers more violence and motivates people to join the armed struggle.

Rasheed added that while Governor Malik in the first part of his statement confesses the truth but again contradicts his statement in the same breath by praising security forces for killing militants.

“Let there be no doubt that no one including militants would want to lose their lives, but the circumstances and New Delhi’s constant ‘betrayal’ has made Kashmir a battlefield, where some are enjoying deaths and others are mourning funerals. Governor must collect the courage and tell Prime Minister the same thing what he has been observing on the ground and should make it clear to New Delhi that there is no military solution to the seventy-year-long political problem,” the spokesman quoted Rasheed as saying.


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