Mind Your Own Business: BJP To Swami Agnivesh

KL Report


The Bahartiya Janta Party (BJP) Monday castigated Swami Agnivesh for claiming that prolonged Amarnath Yatra had a role in unprecedented flood that hit the Valley recently.

In a statement here the BJP Kashmir unit spokesman asked Agnivesh to “mind his own business” and don’t poke his nose into Kashmiriyat. “Swami Agnivesh is unaware of the facts. He doesn’t know that floods hit the Valley after Jehlum breached its embankments and it neither flows through Pahalgam nor Baltal (base camps of Amarnath Yatra) and flooding has got nothing to do with the areas from where Amarnath Yatra is conducted,” he said.

BJP in a statement advised Agnivesh to work towards finding the solutions of the problems faced by the people of West Bengal and not to worry about Kashmiris. “The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already given Rs 20,000 Crore from his relief fund and has promised more help to flood victims,” he claimed.

The BJP Kashmir unit spokesman said that catastrophe can hit any place. “Had floods inundated West Bengal who would have Swami Agnivesh blamed? By giving controversial statements Agnivesh wants to remain in news as he loves publicity. He should remember that sentiments of millions of Hindus are associated with the Amarnath Yatra and he should refrain from hurting these sentiments.”

“Kashmiris are secular people and it’s the Muslims who facilitate this annual pilgrimage. It’s unfortunate that by giving such statements Swami Agnivesh wants to create a wedge between the two communities,” he added.


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