Mir is in valley for ‘sellout’ of people, Tangmarg rally ‘orchestrated’: NC

KL Report


Coming down heavily on the Democratic Party Nationalist (DPN) president and minister for agriculture Ghulam Hassan Mir, National Conference Sunday said that Mir schemed his recent rally at Tangmarg.

“He is in valley for a sellout of the people of Kashmir. He is a darling to the Indian intelligence agencies and time will come when he has to stand before the people for the misdeeds he has committed so far,” said additional general secretary NC Mustafa Kamal.

In a tele-statement to KNS, Kamal accused Mir of receiving the Technical Support Division’s (TSD) secret funding and that he has not denied the charges sofar. “I stand witness to everything he has done against the people of Kashmir in general and against the people of Tangmarg in particular.”

Kamal added that Mir was responsible of attempting to kill NC Patron Dr Farooq Abdullah in 1984 and that the case is still pending in the sessions court Baramulla. “He is involved in most of the human rights violations in Kashmir and his close relations with the army were exposed at the time when it was revealed that he had received more than one crore to topple Omar led government in 2010.”

Kamal further alleged that Mir’s recent rally that was held in Tangmarg on March 1 was ‘stage managed’ and the contents of his lecture are enough for the wise ones to understand his true intentions. “The people who participated in the rally were not the common masses but the employees of the different government departments. We have reports that the government employees were asked to participate in the rally.”

Kamal while demanding probe into the background on the people who participated in Mir’s rally stated  that government must initiate an early inquiry into the matter so that truth could come to fore at the earliest. ”He talked against Kashmir issue and even accused that we are cheating people. I want to tell Mir that Kashmir issue is the reality and has been accepted by the world at large. Mir’s demand that people should stop talking about Kashmir issue is bizarre and illogical. He has been assigned to say so. ”


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