Mirwaiz Exploits Youth In The Name Of Religion: NC

KL Report


Reacting to the statement of Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, National Conference (NC) Saturday alleged that Mirwaiz exploits the religious sentiments and uses Jamia Masjid for his own political ends and is responsible for bringing miseries and sufferings to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Mirwaiz Monday had stated that Omar Abdullah is the part and parcel of Delhi’s each and every policy implemented in Kashmir and is in power because of New Delhi.

“To fulfil his nefarious designs he exploits youth in the name of religion. By using his rhetoric he take advantage of the platform of Jamia Masjid and instigates the youth to take up the stones,” NC General Secretary Dr Mustafa Kamal told KNS.

Lashing out at Mirwaiz, he said, “He (Mirwiaz) is responsible for involving the youth in violence and bloodshed. Umar Farooq and other separatist leaders create uncertainty and sabotage the peace initiatives. People of Jammu and Kashmir have always suffered because of the machinations of the people like Mirwaiz. It is most unfortunate that Mirwaiz has chosen to launch an attack against the Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, just to gain cheap popularity.”

“Politics of Omar Abdullah is like an open book and there is nothing hidden everything is in front of public while as the politics of the separatists leaders are based on the false politics,” he claimed.

Kamal claimed that they are the people who are responsible for the bloodshed that has taken place in valley and their job is just to make the situation worse and spread violence in the state. He advised Mirwaiz to shun the practice of un-necessary criticizing and castigating NC and its leadership otherwise it will rebound on him. KNS



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