Mirwaiz-Umar-FarooqIn an effort to revive the Kashmiris real history, Hurriyat (m) Chairperson Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Thursday insisted on teaching history of Kashmir to the young generation in schools by compulsorily introducing it in the curriculum.

Mirwaz said that the rich culture of Kashmir and the life of religious Sufi saints who had laid foundation for renaissance in that dark ere in Kashmir have been ignored by all the dispensations here.

“Under a conspiracy, our real culture and life of pious Sufi saints has not been taught to us in schools, and the same conspiracy continues with the present generation. The syllabus in government as well as private schools should be restructured to include real Kashmir history in it,” Mirwaiz told KNS.

He said that children in Kashmir are taught about French Revolution and American Revolution but nothing about Kashmir’s History.

“It is unfortunate that our youth and children are unaware of our rich history and past as the history of Kashmir is not a part of any school curriculum. We hardly know about the role of our greats like Mir Syed Ali Hamdani, Zainul Abideen Budshah, Lal Ded, Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom (RA) and others, who enriched our language, culture, crafts, economy, politics and all spheres of life,” he added.

Ridiculing, he said, “if the present state of teaching continues, future generations will know Kashmir’s culture as only being Wazwan.”

Mirwaiz said it is regrettable that while nations across the world are proud of their local language, and consider it an important part of their heritage and identity, “we in Kashmir discourage our children from speaking in our own language and rather see it as an embarrassment if they do as a consequence of which those who do, develop an inferiority complex.”

Mirwaiz said that it is scientifically proven that children learn and grasp best in their mother tongues.

He said while it is good that some effort is being made at school level to save the language but unless our children don’t speak and interact in our language it will surely vanish.

Mirwaiz stressed upon the educationists to put in their serious efforts to help include Kashmiri history and heritage as a compulsory part of school curriculum.

He said it is the duty of the government to ensure this happens especially at a time when there is a concerted effort in India to distort historical facts and figures that belong to a particular community.

Mirwaiz stressed upon the younger generation to live by the teachings of the Prophet (PHUH) for a meaningful and purposeful life.

Earlier, Mirwaiz spoke at a function organised by Harvard Educational Institute Habbak, Naseem Bagh, where he lauded Kashmiri parents for their seriousness about the formal education of their children.

“But the focus is more on education for vocation or a professional career. There is little emphasis on education for growth as a human beings, education for imbibing our traditional Sufi and Islamic values and beliefs that will help us evolve as a compassionate, considerate and egalitarian nation.”


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