Miserable conditions: SHRC to inspect JK House

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Justice Bilal Nazki.
Justice Bilal Nazki.

Taking strong note of the ‘miserable’ conditions prevailing in JK House, State Human Rights Commission has directed the member of the Commission Jung Bahadur Singh Jamwal to visit Delhi and have a thorough inspection in presence of the authorities of the JK House and give a final report to the Commission.

State Human Rights Commission Chairman Justice Bilal Ahmed Nazki said that during the official visit to Dehi, he had an occasion to stay at JK House at Chankiyapuri where he was told by people that Block C of the JK House lack all kinds of facilities.

“I was told that Block C had been built just to provide accommodation to sick and ailing persons along with their attendants. I was told that there are insects/bed bugs in scores in each mattress used by these patients.”

“During my inspection I found the condition of Block C horrible. The patients undergoing treatment for serious ailments have bug bits and their bodies were almost bleeding. The Accounts Officer Kaneez Fatima who is the incharge of Block C accepted the bug problem but surprisingly defended the authorities on the ground that various measures have been undertaken but the problem could not be solved.”

“I direct the member of the Commission to have a thorough inspection of the JK House and submit a final report before this Commission.”


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