MLA asked to stop ‘bear terror’ in Kulgam village

Srinagar: The people of Khuri Bat pora village in Kulgam district are up in arms against the wildlife department for failing to catch hold of a wild bear which has created havoc in the area.

Reports said that a bear has come down from forests and has unleashed terror in Khuri Bat pora and adjoining villages.

“Several civilians were attacked and injured by the bear in broad daylight,” said a local. “The injured include three of a same family.”

He said that the wildlife officials tried to control the bear a few times but have failed so far.

“We are unable to move out of our homes soon after sunset,” an old lady from the area said. “Nor can we go to our fields alone in day.”

The people of the area appealed the local legislator, Ab Majid Padder, to intervene “so that human life is saved”.


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