Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee (JKPC) Vice President and former MLC Ghulam Nabi Monga on Saturday termed the RTI Act amendment by Nadrendra Modi government as a blow to freedom of speech and expression.

In a statement issued here, he said, Modi government diluted the RTI to make information commission a toothless body. “It is a very unfortunate for all citizens of the country, who felt very empowered by this legislation. By bringing the amendments, the central government has effectively asserted its control over the Information Commission,” he rued.

“It is a very dark day for those who value transparency, accountability and a democratic way of working in our country. This particular step has been really a blow to peoples fundamental right to speech and freedom of expression,” Monga said.

By the amendment, the Center government not just has tamed the CIC and RTI Act, but completely finished it. “The amendment has ended commissioners’ independence and turned them into glorified clerks. Their tenure will be at the government’s pleasure. Citizens should strongly oppose these amendments.,” the Congress leader said.

“Under Modi government decimation of Constitutional institutions like the Supreme Court, CBI, RBI, and Election Commission among others happened and now the Information Commission has been made target,” said Monga in a statement.


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