Modi govt failed to fulfil its commitment of providing 2 cr jobs each year: Tarigami


While raising the issue of mass unemployment in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami said that despite tall claims, Modi government has utterly failed to fulfil its commitment during 2014 election campaign to provide 2 crore jobs each year for our youth. Now Prime Minister is claiming that employment opportunities are being created by opening Pakoda shops in the states. It only exposes the abject failure of BJP government to generate employment and create new jobs in a meaningful manner.

The spokesman said people become “self-employed” because there is no regular employment or ‘jobs’ available in the formal sector. Thanks to the neo-liberal policies, there is a type of economic growth which does not produce jobs, except low-paid jobs in the informal sector and mainly contractual jobs in the organised sector.

Here in Jammu and Kashmir, the coalition government has disappointed the youth by making tall claims and doing little on the ground. He cautioned those in authority that if the alarming rise in unemployment is not taken note of, and adequate measures are not initiated to address this problem, the uncertainty is bound to get compounded. (PTK)


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