Mourning and Hope




The morning is lit but not bright.

The sun is up but it seems dull.

The silence has prevailed yet the peace is missing.

Birds are singing though in mourning.

It is breathing but life is missing.

The day has started,

And yet another life has been ended!

The morning, the sun, the peace, the birds,

Hope-they do signify.

But for now they will mourn,

Mourn the death of justice, of humanity and of good sense.

February it is- no wonder,

The hope of a nearing spring.

But what will this spring give hope to?

Fear ? Speculation?

A fear “who’s next?”

A speculation “for how long?”

A fear that a mother’s heart will breach when her son steps out.

And this is what we could attain all these years.

Days turned black and lives stained red,

For years to come.

The heart flutters its wings,

Like that of a bird in cage.

Flutters in despair, flutters in anguish, flutters in agony.

But a deep corner of heart is enlightened,

By a spark of hope,

That the mourning will come to an end.

The morning will be bright, the sun will shine,

The peace will prevail, birds will chirp.

Life will breathe and life will be flushed again.

Days will be bright and not black!


Sana is currently pursuing her bachelors in Journalism from Women College Srinagar. She is also an intern at Kashmir Life and works as one of the Content Managers of Kashmir Young Life.



  1. A lot of angst….but many words seem forced….good effort….keep trying….remember poetry is the highest form of any language….

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