Mufti biggest enemy of democracy in J&K’s history: NC

KL Report


National Conference has reacted strongly to Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s remarks against the party and has termed him the “biggest saboteur” of democracy in the history of Jammu and Kashmir.

NC General Secretary Ali Mohammad Sagar said that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed while blowing the false trumpet of “historical facts” had sadly murdered history yesterday when he has surprisingly summoned the face to accuse NC of “never allowing democracy to flourish in J&K” while pleading before parties like Panthers Party and Bahujan Samajwadi Party for an alliance in Jammu region.

According to a statement Sagar said “Mufti has always been on the side of history that was against democracy and democratic institutions in J&K – be it 1957, 1962, 1967 , 1972 or 1999″. Be it Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad, G M Sadiq, Mir Qasim, G M. Shah or Governor Jagmohan – Mufti Sayeed was always on the side of the brazen subversion of democracy in the State and was always a part of a lobby to erode Article 370. Hence, “Khaliq-made Mufti” should not lecture on democracy,” Sagar said.

The NC General Secretary said that it was none other than Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and his fellow conspirators who in 1972 undemocratically and arbitrarily declared all members of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah’s Plebiscite Front as ineligible by law to contest any election or to even campaign for any candidate – and hence yet again thwarted democracy in J&K. “With what face does the same Mufti Sayeed lecture about democracy and democratic institutions in the State?,” Sagar asked.

Sagar said that Mufti Sayeed was always hell-bent to undermine and trivialize democracy in J&K in every single political party and dispensation he switched his loyalties to. “Be it Mufti Sayeed of DNC, Mufti Sayeed of Bakshi’s “Peace Brigade”, Mufti Sayeed of Congress or Mufti Sayeed of Janata Party, or today the Mufti Sayeed of PDP – he has always been a screw-driver used by anti-J&K forces to weaken the democratic voice and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir”, the NC General Secretary said.

Sagar said that it was Mufti Sayeed again in 1984 who sabotaged the democratically elected government of Dr Farooq Abdullah and helped Delhi in installing G M Shah as a puppet Chief Minister to suit its interests. “Mufti Sayeed’s biggest assault on democracy and democratic institutions in J&K was when he imposed President’s Rule in J&K as the then Home Minister and yet again over-threw another democratically elected government in the State. It was Mufti Mohammad Sayeed who violated the sanctity of democracy in J&K by going against the elected government’s opposition to the installation of Jagmohan as the Governor of the State”, he said.

Sagar while terming Mufti’s role as the Home Minsiter of India in repressing the people of Kashmir as a dark blot on the face of democracy in the country, said that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s re-invention in the mask of PDP in 1999 was at the behest of covert forces and agencies who have always harbored a plan to weaken National Conference and hence remove the sole hurdle in their plan of abrogating Article 370.


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