Mufti paved entry of radical elements in Kashmir: PCC president


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State Congress while extending its support to the strike call of traders for Tuesday, said Mufti sought votes from people to stop BJP’s ‘mission 44’ but now is coming with mission 59 to Kashmir valley.

“This is perhaps the first day in the history of Kashmir that the day will be recorded in historical texts with the dark ink. It is a black day for the people of Kashmir and we appeal them to register their protests against the marching of the communal elements in the sacred land,” state Congress chief G.A. Mir told KNS.

He said Mufti is coming along the communal parties like VHP, Bajrang Dal and RSS to Kashmir and ‘this must be halted.’

“Isn’t it the fact that Mufti asked for votes from people during polls so that he could stop BJP’s mission to come to Kashmir but at present, he (Mufti) is paving their entry here,” Mir asked , adding that another major reason for the protest is the new recruitment policy which is ‘anti-youth and against the aspirations’ of the people of the state.

Mir said that the Congress extends its support to the strike call given by the traders against the delay in the relief distribution. He added that so far the flood ravaged people have been given peanuts in the name of relief out of the state funds and no central relief has so far reached to Jammu and Kashmir.



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