Mufti Regime Communalizing JK, Yasin Malik says



Mirwaiz Umar Farooq leading a Nimaz-i-Jinaza of the mother of JKLF's Noor Mohammad Kalwal.
Mirwaiz Umar Farooq leading a Nimaz-i-Jinaza of the mother of JKLF’s Noor Mohammad Kalwal.

JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik Tuesday said the present ruling regime of J&K is deliberately promoting hatred among various religious communities, thereby “communalizing” state by promoting worst kind of “state-sponsored violence”. In protest, Malik announced a Friday sit-in against the move.

While castigating the present dispensation, Malik said that from the day of its “installation”, new issues and problems are being created on daily basis and no stone is being left unturned to “terrorize and harm the majority community” of Jammu Kashmir.

“Present ruling regime that is being actually run from Nagpur is trying to change the discourse of freedom struggle by raising these non-issues,” he said. “PDP-BJP regime is also promotion hatred between various communities and only aim of this is to communalize atmosphere, make people fight one another and thus strengthen the illegal occupation of India on Jammu.”

While condemning the choking of political space and restrictions on every kind of peaceful political activities in Jammu Kashmir, JKLF chairman said that a country that claims to be the largest democracy in the world has turned Jammu Kashmir into a “big prison and concentration camp” where nobody is “allowed to speak or act freely and where a blanket ban has been imposed on all kinds of peaceful political activities”.

He said that credit should be given to British rulers who never choked space on Indian national congress and its leaders like “Ghandi Jee” etc and provided them full political space to run freedom struggle of India “but today, India and its stooges in the shape of PDP, NC, Congress and others have laid a blanket ban on all political activities in Jammu Kashmir and from last four months no one has been allowed to even open his tongue in Kashmir. Anyone that attempts to visit some village and meet people, is either house arrested or arrested by police.”

Despite all these “repressive acts”, he said, PDP rulers with utmost “shamelessness and brazenness” claim “battle of ideas” and “no bullet but talks” ideologies on daily basis.

Announcing a protest program against these “government conspiracies”, Malik said that JKLF will organize a protest sit-in at Lal Chowk on Friday, October 9, 2015 and “through that peaceful program, voices will be raised against promotion of hatred among various communities of Jammu Kashmir, promoting violence and choking of peaceful political space and against spree of arrest throughout Jammu Kashmir”.

Meanwhile, JKLF spokesperson informed that the mother of JKLF senior leader and zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal passed away today. “She was admitted in a hospital day before and breathed her last today morning. Her funeral prayers were offered at Khankah Naqashband sahib Khawaja bazaar. Mirwaiz Muhammad Umer Farooq led the prayers. JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik along with the whole leadership was present on the occasion, who paid rich tributes to the deceased mother.”


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