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Additional General Secretary of National Conference Monday accused former J&K CM Mufti Muhammad Sayeed of ‘horse trading’ in 1984.

“His was a big hand in making of a government on horse trading in 1984, which in turn cultivated belligerence thinking in the youth, who were very much absorbed in the democratic norms till then and had worked zealously in the election process in 1983 also,” Kamaal said. “Since Mufti has no courage to defend himself of such charges, he only beat about the bush while projecting his self.”

According to a statement, Kamaal while reacting to press statement of PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Syed, has said that Mufti has no experience of formation and running of elected governments. He also alleged Mufti for talking on flimsy issues just to hoodwink people.

As per the statement, Dr Kamaal has said, “Second  World War epistolary” will not work in these enlightened times and people at the same time, cannot forget Mufti’s anti Kashmiryat and anti democracy roles which has been his hall mark.”

He has said, “Mufti Syed had no expectations even to become Chief Minister in 2002 and as such spent his entire term of three years in impregnable state.”

Kamaal alleged, “Mufti invented new order terming J&K as second in the list of corrupt States of the country. It was during Mufti’s rule that the State Subject law was modified to the disadvantage of the State.”

He said that Mufti as Chief Minister of the State sought economical aid as base for Kashmir issue resolution. “His party PDP even as B team in the then coalition during 2008 processed surreptitiously, transfer case of Phalgam land to Shrine Board which took deleterious turn and 120 innocent citizens got killed during the agitation.”

As per the statement Kamaal has even advised Mufti Syed to go round the State and see himself the “progress and development all around made during the past five and a half years of Omar Abdullah’s tenure.”


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