Mufti should be Allowed to Lead a Coalition Government: Congress

KL Report


Jammu & President J&K Pradesh Congress Committee President Saifuddin Soz Thursday alleged that “certain power hungry –political groups and individuals are trying to subvert the democratic verdict of the people in the just concluded election.”

“As is common knowledge and perception, a suave, experienced and forward -looking politician like Mufti Mohammad Sayeed should be allowed to lead a Coalition Government in the State with the support of other likeminded Parties/Groups,” Soz said. He added “that way alone the people’s verdict would truly be respected.”

“The RSS – BJP leadership would be well-advised to resist the temptation of cobbling a coalition that only deepens the polarization on religious and regional considerations, which is, to say the least, detrimental to the integrity of the State,” Soz said.

He added “The RSS-BJP leadership should also appreciate the sensitivity of this border State and not indulge in any kind of horse-trading, giving priority to the parochial interests. That kind of short-sighted political arrangement would certainly attract a Social Commotion and spoil the gains from a credible, free and fair Election concluded recently.”


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