Mufti Starts One-to-One Meetings with Party Legislators


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Mufti Mohammad Sayeed As the stalement over government formation continues with no political party  getting 44 seats to form government on its own, major PDP has started internal  deliberations over government formation.

 Sources in PDP said that PDP patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed who had kept mum  over government formation has started discussions over the issue with newly elected  legislators.

 “Mufti Sahab is meeting newly elected legislators himself in one-to-one meetings at  his residence,” a top PDP leader – in how of the development – said.

 He added that PDP patron is getting view point of legislators before party’s Political Affairs Committee (PAC) meets and takes a final decision.

The PDP is in a catch-22 situation as the assembly results gave a fractured mandate wherein no party is able to form a new government on its own. Jammu region was sweeped by BJP, PDP has ideological differences with. It also vowed for a stable and secular government but, reversely, the anti-incumbency wave and anti-communal wave which PDP was riding ahead of elections has been, apparently, giving it sleepless nights after results were out.

Though NC, Congress extended unconditional support to PDP to form government, BJP has been saying that it shall play a “crucial” role in forming a new dispensation.

Interestingly, PDP being a secular set-up has a right wing BJP extending hand to form the new government but PDP has been making very clever moves. Going by the campaigning statements of PDP, it has been advocating an ‘inclusive’ government representing all the regions.

“He is busy with getting a core view point from his legislators and then PAC shall be called to deliberate upon the different view points,” the source disclosed adding, “only then next step will be taken.”

Meanwhile, since assembly elections were out, PDP patron Mufti Muhammad Sayeed Sunday moved out of his Fairview residence.

Reports said that Mufti had under went an eye surgery some time ago and today he went out to for a medical check up.

Pertinently, Mufti has kept a very low profile since the results were out, as PDP says, the results are not “up to the expectations” of the party.


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