Mushaal Mullick receives National Women Rights award in Pakistan


Mushaal Hussein Mullick Chairperson Peace & Culture Organisation and Sabien Hussein Mullick Secretary General Peace & Culture Organisation were invited to speak as keynote speaker at the 17th National Women Rights Conference 2018 to mark International Women’s Day organised by International Human Rights Observer and National Commission for Human Rights in Pakistan.

The spokesman said nomination of Award for Mushaal Hussein Mullick was passed by a committee headed by M Anne Marshal -Deputy High Commissioner of European Commission, Dr Khalid Aftab Sulehri Chairman International Human Rights Observer.

Irshad Ullah Khan also received an award of Excellence after being nominated for the Noble Prize of Literature for the year 2018 by six countries.

Women from all walks of life, including diplomats, professors, human rights defenders, social activists, scholars, lawyers participated in full bloom.

Roses were distributed among all the participants from all segments of society. After receiving the Award from M Anne Marshal -Deputy High Commissioner of European Commission, Mushaal Hussein Mullick addressed a solo press conference discussing various facets of Women Empowerment and the ability to stand up for the rights of the suppressed women around the Globe.

Mushaal dedicated the award to her mother Rehanah Hussein Mullick for being her biggest pillar of support and Inspiration. While quoting the example of Fatima Jinnah & Benazir Bhutto, Mullick said that she wishes all women of the country emerged like Fatima Jinnah and Benazir, adding they were the iron ladies who proved the world that the Pakistani women have the capacity to achieve every task.

“Although Benazir faced many issues in the patriarchy society, her determination and commitment were outstanding,” she recalled, adding that time was not away when the country women would get their rights absolutely.

She said that humiliation of women in Indian administered Kashmir was the worse example of the history wherein minor girls were being subjected to rape by Indian government forces. I wonder why the United Nation and other relevant human rights watchdogs are silent spectators to such brutalities.


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