Mustafa Kamal, Khalida and Muzzaffar Shah disallowed to leave home



Police on Wednesday morning barred National Conference (NC) Additional General Secretary Mustafa Kamal, President Awami National Conference (ANC) Khalida Shah and Senior Vice President (ANC) Muzzaffar Shah from coming out of their homes, when they made an attempt to step out from there.

This was the second time when their attempt to come out of their residences was foiled by police present at their residences in heavy numbers.

Pertinently police in its report dated 21, October, 2019, to a habeas corpus petition filed before Jammu and Kashmir High Court on 21 September, 2019 by Muzaffar Shah and others, SP East Zone Srinagar had said that the petitioners had neither been put under house arrest, nor had their liberty been curbed or jeopardized. On the other hand the above said trio had submitted that they have been put under house arrest and are not allowed to leave their residences.

Aliya Shah, daughter of Khlaida shah, while speaking to the press outside the gates of her mother’s residence at 10 Maulana Azad Road said that police on one hand is telling the Court that her mother, brother and uncle (Muustafa Kamal) were never under house arrest and on the other they are not being allowed to step out of their homes.

She said, “My mother, brother and uncle were set to visit my aunt Suraya Abdullah today, but police has not allowed them to have a meet her.”

“What kind of double standards are these from police. On one side they submit to Court that my family is free and on the other they have not been confined to their homes since 5th of August”, She added.

Addressing the media persons present there she asked, “Is the court big or the police, it is you who have to decide?”

When asked about her next step Aliya Shah said,”I am an apolitical person and I cannot say anything about the political decisions. I am only speaking for my mother, brother and Uncle.”

She said that Home Minister and Director General of police in past said that restrictions on my family, including my uncle are actually for their safety from militants.

She said, “What kind of safety measures are these, where those being protected are not even allowed to visit their kith and kin”.

“Our family is not afraid of guns and bullets, which is fact known to all,” she added. (CNS)


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