My approach not partial: Speaker LA

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Refuting the allegation that his approach has remained partial in house, speaker legislative assembly Kavinder Gupta Thursday said that some members while trying to remain in headlines use baseless allegations against him.

Talking to KNS, while taking a dig at independent legislator Engineer Rashid, speaker said that Rashid always tries to grab the media headlines and unnecessarily tries to disrupt the normal proceedings in the house.

He maintained that as a speaker his approach would never be partial and that he would always strive to give ample time to both ruling as well as the opposition parties to present their respective opinions. “The main purpose of the house should be to resolve issues pertaining to the people of the state at large and not to create any disturbances without reason. We are here to serve our people. Disrupting the house would never resolve any purpose,” Kavinder Gupta told KNS.

The newly appointed speaker said that his approach would be unbiased with no ill will or partiality. “I would continue to hold justice and fair play in high esteem so that the people could get their due representation in the house there would be not even a single space left for any partiality.”

Kavinder Gupta said that the senior members in the house including Ali Mohammad Sagar and Mohammad Akbar Lone must understand that normal functioning of the assembly should not be distributed.

He also rejected the allegations that the resolution over return of Guru’s Mortal remains has not been selected with a deliberate attempt “It was a normal procedure that was adopted during the draw of resolutions submitted in the house,” speaker LA said.

Gupta was elected as Speaker of the Jammu and Kashmir legislative Assembly on March ahead of the budget session.


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