My Valley [Then & Now]

Altaf Khaliq Wani

It is talk of heydays
Life is so simple & charming
It is talk of gory of days
Life so complicated & repulsive
Capacious heart sans bias
Helping all even to outsider
Poky heart with full envy
Selfish, greedy & cozener
Enough time for gossiping events
Samnam, Alif Laila as entertainment
Everyone busy with face-book chatting
Fun in hand none is happy
Vast haven for gazing of flock
Unfenced lawn and joyful cheeks
Mire, haven turned to graveyard
Separate walls and desolate face
Ragged grab with hippy style
Sauntering without anxiety disorder
Dandy seems but flood in heart
BP, Sugar and burden of bank
Hospitality and feast for every stranger
Sobbing for others even for slash
Bolted locks even then nightmare
Carnage as routine for little matters
Visiting selfless to kith and kin
Offer , suggestions & every sort of help
Phone call & chatting replace visiting
Attending funerals and marriage party as exigency


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